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Who Do You Want to Be? EP is out now!


Who Do You Want to Be? EP

“Who Do You Want to Be?”


From when our band was called Little Person


“I’m Happy to Be With You”

TVD Premiere: Little Person, “I’m Happy to Be With You”

Musical Theatre: Little Person – “I’m Happy To Be With You”


“Perfect Girls”

Little Person Unveil Their Latest Tune ‘Perfect Girls’

“Somebody Said”

Premiere: Little Person Blend Harmony and Gloom on the Dazzling “Somebody Said”

“Solemn Is the Only Word”

Subtle Pop from Little Person

Top Tracks: Little Person – Solemn Is The Only Word

I Feel Fine EP

Premiere: Little Person: I Feel Fine EP


“Send Me Your Nots”

“I Feel Fine”

“She Loves You”


Little Person EP

“Sommeria” Music Video

“Living In A Silhouette City”


Little Person EP

“Way Ahead of the Apple”

Little Person (No 2622)


Little Person – Sommeria